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about the project

Hive Creates, now operating under the Nathan Hirschaut brand , is a multifaceted organization committed to empowering creatives to discover their unique voice. With a range of resources including mentorship, community, curriculum, and residencies, Nathan Hirschaut provides artists with the tools and support needed to forge their own paths and achieve success.

As Hive's founder and director, Nathan Hirschaut reached out to me for help in communicating the company's transition from a dance company to a dynamic, multidisciplinary ecosystem. Together, we worked to create messaging that accurately conveyed the breadth of Hive's offerings, and showcased the opportunities for collaboration and creative expression across a variety of mediums.

Thanks to our collaboration, Hive Creates (now Nathan Hirschaut) is able to reach a wider audience of creatives, and better support the development and success of the artists who engage with the organization.

  • role

    Brand Identity

    Brand Strategy

    Web Design

  • Industry
    Dance/Creative Company
  • Year
    March 2021
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